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Wine Tours Yarra Valley

Located north of Melbourne, the spectacular Yarra Valley is world renowned for its stunning wineries and memorable views and scenery.  Dreamscape offers Wine Tours Yarra Valley that showcase the best qualities of the area whilst giving your group an unforgettable experience. Wine tours will offer tasting for a variety of wines including Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, as well as sparkling wines and Chardonnay to cater to the preferences of all wine lovers and give you an overall customised experience that is sure to impress.

wine tours yarra valley in melbourne for your next holiday

wine tours yarra valley

The wineries visited could include Killara Estate, De Bortoli Esate, Riverstone, Kellybrook, Elmswood Estatem Seville Hill, Yarrawood, Sticks, Sir Paz, Rochford Wines, Train Trak, Punt Road, Brumfield Winery and many more. Our wine tours grant your group entry to 3-5 wineries of your choice.

Dreamscape assist you to plan the perfect Yarra Valley Wine Tour by organising your travel arrangements, guiding you to nearby local attractions and coordinating the day to make it stress free and relaxing. Simply tell Dreamscape your budget and we will do the rest! We personalise your experience to ensure the tour is enjoyable for you and your group’s preferences. Also, we will help you select other areas of interest around the Yarra Valley to add to your experience including the Chocolate Factory, Brewery and Cider Tastings, Yarra Valley Dairy and U-pick Fruit& tour (Nov- Apr).

The best rated winery tours on Tripadvisor offered by Dreamscape are made particularly memorable by the luxury inclusions. Features of the Dreamscape package include a five star coach, mini bus or limo as transportation, the quality lunch options available, an entertaining host to coordinate the day, and the wine tasting fees are paid by us!

You can contact us on (03) 9844 1122 to receive a quick quote for your customised winery tour. You can also visit our website at to read more about winery tours in Melbourne’s stunning Yarra Valley.

The Biggest Interior Design Mistakes

Interior Design HawthornIn reality, working with an interior decorator in Hawthorn results with a home you enjoy to live in. However, we have all seen the mistakes before and they are almost impossible to describe. In the search for ‘the wow effect’, there are many projects that result in a dramatic – and unwanted effect.

Which are the biggest interior design mistakes?

1. Not Identifying The Vision Of The Project

Hiring an interior decorator in Hawthorn and not knowing what your project is meant to solve is a shot in the dark. That is why you should make sure to visualize your space before even beginning the process.

2. Overlooking Your Interior Design Budget

Having a budget for your project is a must. After all, it is the principle that lets you work with an interior decorator in Hawthorn and ensure that everything runs well. However, many people tend to overlook the budget and focus on the components. While this may also be good, it comes at a cost which can swing dramatically.

3. Not Capturing Your Ideas

A design board is a great thing to start when hiring an interior decorator for your Hawthorn home. You can list every idea you have on it and sense the magic of your project- even before it is started.

4. Not Understanding The Principles Of Colour, Texture and Effect

If you stop for a moment and think – the best interior designs are always created with colour, texture and effect in mind. That is also the forte of every successful interior designer in Hawthorn. Understanding what goes with what and what shouldn’t be on the list is therefore a big priority.

5. Not Knowing Where To Look For Ideas

This mistake is a very common one. Many people look for ideas in the wrong places, such as magazines and websites. However, sharing a coffee with an interior decorator in Hawthorn may be the best idea. Simply put, your home is the main subject of the project – and what works for it including the space, amenities and other aspects should be evaluated – not some dream designs which cannot fit in your space.

In the end, design is not about making something to look better – but ensuring that it works and fits perfectly and you are comfortable with it.

Whats the best way to heat your pool?

The Different types Of Pool Heating

Solar-Heat-Pumps-ClickerThere are different types of pool heating systems. To choose the best system for your pool, you need to consider certain things, they include: your desire, needs, physical location of the pool, budget and the house. Your location will in fact play a significant role in your decision because the varying weather condition and different energy pricing by different states usually influence your overall decision. Here are basic information that will help with your decision.

Solar pool heating

This system has become increasingly popular obviously because it uses free energy from the sun, which gives it a kind of edge and advantage over other pool heating systems. The system works by direct heat transfer. Your pool water is circulated through the collector, which is often located somewhere on the roof. Many of these systems use a digital controller that sends water all the way to the roof whenever there is a good amount of sunshine only if the pool is not already at the appropriate temperature.

The system is best for recreational pool owners who need a heating system that is cost effective and in turn provides a warm pool whenever people desire to swim in it. The only additional expense after the initial installation cost is the operation of the booster pump and this is highly recommended basically because its dependent on weather conditions, the system usually provides a consistent temperature on the summer and a fluctuating temperature rise at the end of the season in late spring as well as early autumn.

Whenever you are considering the installation of a solar heater, the most important factors are the collector design, collector area proposed and quality of the material. The sun will only provide energy at a fix rate, so your system stands to gain more heat if your collector is large.

Gas heater

They are often used in large numbers on spas and pools because they usually give great flexibility to the owner of the pool as they heat rapidly and they are robust. This system can perfectly maintain any desired water temperature because typical sizing is usually based on providing heater capacity that is able to achieve a 14 degree Celsius in water temperature within 24 hours. This easily heats up a cold pool to a temperature between 28 and 30 degree Celsius in just one day and even in winter. The awesome heating strength makes gas the best choice for entertainment pools.

Considering the cost of heating, the continual maintenance of a pool temperature using gas is applicable during the warmest months. But the pool heated with solar will differ in temperature during this season. Gas heated pools are usually maintained at the owner’s preferred temperature. The cost of heating gas is modest as the requirement of heating of the pool is relatively low.


For more information about whats the right type of heating for your pool or spa please call Supreme Heating on 03 9460 4200 or visit our website

Lachie Anderson Landscapes Provides Clients with Concept to Completion Services

Landscaper MelbourneMelbourne, Australia – Feb. 6, 2016 – Landscapes and gardens by Lachie Anderson Landscapes are setting the standard for unique and innovative uses of timbers, decks and water features in new and unexpected ways. The company is a full service firm, providing design, construction, restoration and maintenance for gardens and landscapes of any type.

“We offer a one-stop resource for professional landscaping services, construction, maintenance and beautification,” said owner, Lachie Anderson.

From green spaces for businesses, commercial venues and residential areas to traditional country styles and specialised boutique gardens, Lachie Anderson Landscapes combines modern technology and techniques to create thoroughly modern gardens and those with old-world charm. Each garden design plan makes optimal use of all spaces and is created to blend with the surrounding ambiance and architecture.

Sustainable, eco-friendly gardens are a specialty at Lachie Anderson Landscapes. The company combines its unique gardens with an innovative use of materials and special features for green spaces that are enhanced with patios, decks, fireplaces, paths, walkways and water-based elements that are conducive to spending time alone with nature or entertaining friends in unique, botanical surroundings.

For extensive grounds, the company can create separate zones within the space to reflect a variety of themes and features that include living walls, fountains and pergolas that can be used as dividers. The company can create custom pathways for a dramatic reveal of each section.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes works extensively with ponds, pools, fountains and water walls in unique ways, allowing those with even small green spaces to enjoy the soothing qualities of aquatic environments.

Lighting can be used for dramatic effect to illuminate a walkway, highlight a planting, or create a garden with pinpoints of light for a fairy tale effect. The company provides multiple lighting options utilizing modern technology that minimizes the overall carbon footprint.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes provides clients with innovative uses for pavement and decks, natural materials and retaining walls for areas that are difficult to manage. Drainage can be improved and a maintenance program can be initiated to keep gardens vibrant and healthy during any season. The firm also provides restorations and renovations of existing gardens.

The extensive range of services offered by Lachie Anderson Landscapes allows those with large properties to create eco-friendly, sustainable landscapes. The company’s use of resources also enables business and residential clients with limited spaces to enjoy the beauty of nature indoors in creative ways.

For more information, call 03 9822 9970 or email


About Lachie Anderson Landscapes

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a design and construction service catering to all tastes. The firm offers a variety of services that include construction, paving and lighting, brickwork, irrigation and drainage, electrical work, ponds, plantings and pergolas, along with feature walls and garden maintenance.

Leave A Good Impression

concrete-polishFor remarkable concrete polishing choose remarkable tools, like MK Diamond Australia’s series of concrete grinder at They take on the industrial industry and offer tools suitable for do-it-yourselfer projects.

Create An Attractive Floor
Concrete grinders are not just for structural use, but are highly valued for their ability to create aesthetic improvements in concrete, which is an otherwise bland material when compared with other construction options. Giving concrete a nice polish yields a sleek look, while wearing away at the thin uppermost layer gives a textured look by exposing the aggregate within.

Take The Future Into Consideration
Odds are good that you will not be buying a concrete grinder intending to use it only once. When selecting a concrete grinder it is therefore an intelligent idea to consider the ramifications of this purchase; Upgrading a changeable disc is far easier than buying an entirely new machine. Plan for the project you have not yet begun, not just the one that is nearly completed.

Maintaining Your Home Or Business
If you have a fixer-upper home, or a business that gets a great deal of traffic causing wear and tear, then a concrete grinder may be a smart maintenance investment. If you find cracks and scuffing on your floors then buying a concrete grinder to give as needed applications is a cheaper alternative to calling in a masonry professional.

Operational Simplicity
Although it is hardly as simple as building a bird house there are many walk-behind concrete grinders that make operation a breeze! MK Diamond Australia makes their concrete grinders with efficiency in mind. Plus, they do have grinders that come with dust shrouds which make clean-up equally quick and easy by containing the dusty mess.

Concrete grinders are wonderful tools for home or industry use. They should be bought after careful consideration on their future usage. MK Diamond at has quality grinders that will give a floor a finish fit for a dream home.

Pavers: the Simplest Choice is the Best Choice

Anston-pavers-300x224For people who are ready to take their landscaping to the next level, pavers are a winning strategy. They are an environmentally responsible choice. They are a material that many homeowners are competent to install themselves. They offer flexible design options. Finally, no other type of pavement is as attractive. Property owners who choose stone paving are selecting an elegant and timeless material that will add value to their landscaping, both aesthetically and monetarily.

Why are pavers an environmentally sound choice? First, manufacturing stone pavers uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than producing concrete or asphalt pavement. Because there are gaps between them and because they are installed with a gravel underlay, stone pavers are good for drainage and because of that, they can help to lower the peak load on municipal sewerage systems, thereby helping to keep nearby waterways clean. For the same reason, they’ve less likely to support large puddles or become icy, and that makes them a good choice for safety and comfort.

Stone pavers are also fairly easy to install and much more attractive than poured concrete or asphalt. Pavers can be paid out in an area of any size and shape, and colour and pattern can be part of the design. They provide a good surface for walking and for outdoor furniture, but they also harmonise beautifully with the landscaping. They can readily accommodate changes in elevation, and they can incorporate stairs, too. Stone pavers are a practical design element that can bring all the elements of a garden together.

For more information on stone pavers, refer to Anston’s website at Anston is a manufacturer of stone pavers in Victoria, Australia. They work with landscape designers, architects and property owners to turn ordinary grounds and gardens into extraordinary outdoor settings.

Tree Removal and Lopping Melbourne Offers Safe Solutions for Problem Trees


Tree-Removal-Service-Diamond-CreekDiamond Creek, Australia – Dec. 22, 2015 – Oz Tree Services owner, Simon Lamb, announced that professional tree removal and lopping Melbourne services are available for trees that have become too tall, top heavy or diseased and are in danger of toppling. The company’s certified arborists have the expertise to address tree issues before they become a problem and rectify existing difficulties.

“Most people don’t realize how heavy even a thin branch can be when it falls from up high or the damage it can do,” said Lamb.

Lopping is a multi-faceted technique that can eliminate an array of tree problems and isn’t the same as trimming. Dead or live branches are removed, leaving stubs on the trunk and removing the entire canopy of the tree. The technique is typically performed in preparation for removing the tree to prevent damage to people, property and utilities.

In some instances, judicious lopping is performed and the tree is left standing. While some species have the ability to recover from lopping and send out new growth in the form of suckers, the tree won’t have the same appearance or attributes for which it was planted. It may also fall victim to sun scalding, increased pest predation and decay.

A tree may need to be topped and felled for a variety of reasons. It may have outgrown its space or become weakened due to disease or age. Sometimes a tree’s root system becomes insufficient to hold it upright or the roots may have spread to infiltrate roadways and water pipes, necessitating lopping and removal. Tree lopping Melbourne offers professionals services to remove trees before they become a hazard.

Weak and unstable trees present a serious danger to people and property, making it more susceptible to breaking branches in a wind storm or having the entire tree topple onto homes, businesses, vehicles and across roadways. Depending upon the circumstances, property owners where the tree was growing may be liable if damage occurs.

The tree removal and lopping Melbourne tasks offered by Oz Tree Service provide safe removal of limbs and trees. The company clears debris generated from the lopping and removal process and provides grinding of tree stumps, enabling lawns to be returned to their previous state.


About Oz Tree Services

Oz Tree Services provides free quotes for tree removal, lopping and pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding and mulching services, along with tree assessments. The company provides regular maintenance services to keep current plantings aesthetically pleasing, remove damaged trees after storms, and prevent hazards in fire prone areas.


Media Contact

Owner: Simon Lamb

Phone: 1300 900 595



Address: Diamond Creek, VIC 3084 Australia

LGP Insulation Specialises in Pipe Lagging for Cost Efficiency and Safety

2Wattle Glen, Australia – Nov. 27, 2015 – LGP Insulation owner, Luke Prosser, has been serving the needs of those in the building and service industries for more than 20 years. The company specialises in pipe lagging for the mechanical, food and wine industries to address heating, cooling and noise reduction needs.

Pipe lagging has applications in a diverse array of industries ranging from wine making, food processing to building, construction and industrial uses. LGP Insulation provides an array of insulating materials and protective coverings for steam, thermal and refrigeration pipes and duct work. Protective layers and waterproof surfaces are offered to prevent damage from condensation and corrosion.

Lagging is an effective method for reducing noise and vibrations generated by liquids flowing through pipes in homes, businesses and manufacturing plants of all types. LGP Insulation utilizes materials preferred by consultants, engineers and architects for durable and effective acoustic barriers for fresh, wastewater and recirculating systems.

Pipe lagging is an essential aspect of the wine making and food processing industries. Fermentation produces heat that must be carefully monitored and controlled to create world-class wines with the specific attributes vintners require. Food processing plants utilize high-pressure steam, heat and cooling methods to achieve the safe and sanitary conditions needed to preserve food for world populations and pipe lagging increases efficiency.

Manufacturing, processing and mechanized operations are often conducted in proximity to offices, residential areas and even protected animal habitats. The noise emitted by those operations can be annoying to residents, distressing to wildlife, and affect the commerce of other businesses. Lagging significantly reduces noise pollution.

The use of pipe lagging adds an extra level of safety for employees working with extreme heat and cold conditions and aids in reducing noise levels that are detrimental to hearing. The method helps companies reduce energy consumption, operate more cost efficiently, and lessen environmental impact.

Pipe lagging by LGP Insulation meets an extensive array of needs in diverse industries that includes wine making, food processing and construction. The company is EBA Listed, allowing it to engage in work on projects of any size and scope. LGP Insulation professionals are skilled in all aspects of pipe lagging, providing solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and meet industry standards.

For more information, call 0438 667 984.


About LGP Insulation

LGP Insulation is an insulation company with 20 years of experience. The company is EBA Listed, enabling the firm to work with projects of any size and scope. LGP Insulation specialises in acoustic insulation for water, waste and circulation pipes, heating and cooling, and wine tanks.

Total Joinery Supplies Announces Free No Obligation Quotes

Kitchen-Cabinet-Maker-ThomastownThomastown, Australia – Dec. 9, 2015 – Total Joinery Supplies manager, Laz Fogas, announced that the company is offering consumers free, no obligation quotes for kitchens Thomastown and a free brochure can be requested. The company specialises in custom made cabinetry for the kitchen and bathroom, working closely with clients from concept to completion to ensure their vision becomes a reality

The company utilizes top rated products from the most trusted names in the industry to create custom cabinets that meet an extensive array of needs and requirements, from Formica® for easy cleaning to quartz with the luxury look of marble. The company is a registered building practitioner, ensuring quality and a seven-year guarantee.

Cabinets, counters and storage space are essential for any home and the professionals at Total Joinery Supplies are masters of creating, constructing and installation. The experts work with multiple types of joinery needs that include kitchens and bathroom vanities to laundry cabinets and linen storage.

The company provides wall and entertainment units, open shelving and wardrobes, and alfresco joinery are all available for new construction projects, along with makeovers and renovations of an existing design. The kitchens Thomastown company can provide multiple types of joinery for addressing different kinds of installations, their usage, and aesthetics.

The ability to work with widely different types of wood is imperative for a joiner. Each wood has its own unique properties and attributes that will affect the type of joints that are created, along with their stability, durability and load bearing capacity. From mortise and tenon joints used in ancient times to modern biscuit joints, the kitchens Thomastown experts know which joint is most appropriate for the intended use.

For beauty and strength, a dovetail joint provides a classy and sophisticated look to any project and the company’s professionals can create popular tongue-in-groove joins that perform smoothly for many years. Joinery is a specialised field that requires extensive knowledge and precision, along with the ability to envision a finished project and conceptualize it to prospective clients.

The free quotes offered by Total Joinery Supplies allow consumers to match their cabinetry needs to any budgetary concerns. The company provides services for renovations in existing dwellings and new project construction to create storage space and cabinetry that compliments any décor.

For more information, call 0438 577 227 or email

Choosing the right caravan, what you need to know

Revivor-5Nova Caravans has earned a reputation for luxury design and superior customer service for individuals seeking new caravans for sale. Nova Caravans run the gamut, from models for those who enjoy an occasional weekend getaway to creations for families with a spirit of adventure. Whether consumers desire an entry-level model or one for a completely mobile lifestyle, the firm has luxury models to accommodate every requirement.

The award-winning firm provides consumers with edgy design combined with luxury and sophistication to meet the needs of a discerning clientele. Companies only get one opportunity to make an impression on consumers and individuals are often overwhelmed by the features, inclusions and accoutrements offered within Nova Caravans models.

The form, function and beauty of caravans in general have evolved significantly since they were first introduced. Once designed as a purely functional means of traveling inexpensively to other locales, Nova Caravans has eliminated that stereotype with innovations and insight that has elevated its models to works of art.

Sleek, elegant and sophisticated, the company’s creations provide luxurious and comfortable accommodations for anywhere travelers want to journey. The interiors offer an extensive range of modern conveniences and entertainment features. Intelligent design provides floor plans that are convenient and spacious and the company provides customisation options.

Depending upon the model, features in the company’s new caravans for sale include rugged suspension for durability, tinted windows for privacy, and slide-outs for extra room. Some caravan models are equipped with solar power provisions for the environmentally-minded and a drop-down picnic table.

Cameras for safely backing up and roll-out awnings are available, along with stereos, TVs and DVD players. Queen-sized beds and “Back Care” mattresses ensure a restorative night’s sleep. Pull-out pantries, ample storage space, decorative elements and air-conditioning all combine for an experience to rival some of the finest accommodations.

Nova Caravans is an industry leader in new caravans for sale, providing models that incorporate form, function and luxury in a single package. A myriad of floor plans are available to suit every taste. Customisations can be accommodated and the company works with visions of individuals to make their dream a reality.

The firm can be reached by phone at (03) 9930 0900 or by visiting Nova Caravans online.

Warming the world

Hydronic-Panel-Heating-MelbourneHydronic home heating is used around the world and to warm retail and warehouse space, hospitals, and offices. An often overlooked usage for hydronic heating is in animal-related businesses. Those engaging in animal husbandry have discovered that the method provides a safe and hygienic environment for valuable animal assets.

Hydronic heating is becoming a popular alternative for those involved in animal-related businesses. For optimum performance, animals require heating and cooling options. Many animal agriculturalists and owners of kennels and catteries utilize huge fans for cooling that require enormous amounts of energy. Heating options often consist of energy-guzzling furnaces and similar methods that are unhygienic, inefficient and are potentially dangerous to humans and livestock.

A hydronic heating system provides the most cost effective means of delivering warmth. Systems employ a boiler to heat water that’s circulated through specially designed pipes placed under concrete flooring. As water circulates through the pipes, heat is radiated and transferred to floor surfaces. The systems can be installed in new pours and existing slabs. Hydronic systems offer efficiency levels that reach up to 90 percent.

Many individuals are choosing hydronic heating for prized pets, but the systems are especially useful for those with vigorous breeding programs. It provides a warm and welcoming environment for newborns and young, valuable animals. A warmed floor is beneficial for animals recovering from illness or injury and for optimal growth.

A hydronic system doesn’t rely on forced air to disperse heat, thereby reducing allergens in the air. It can be used to heat barns, kennels and other facilities during frigid months and for providing relief from summer’s heat. Multiple methods can be used to warm the water, offering owners a variety of options that best fits their needs and operating budgets.

From dairy and poultry farms to horse ranches and kennels, those in animal-related businesses have discovered the benefits of underfloor heating options. Hydronic heating is ecologically friendly and cost effective. An added benefit of hydronic heating is that it acts as a means of drying manure for easy transport and disposal, while reducing ammonia levels that can lead to disease.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0449 883 849. For more information, visit Supreme Hydronics online.

Emergency Plumbing

3Clogged toilets are perhaps one of the most pressing problems facing clients. It’s embarrassing, unsanitary, and if there’s only one bathroom in a home, the situation can be dire. Precision Plumbing clears blockages and can replace or repair toilet cisterns should they sustain a crack or begin leaking.

Precision Plumbing and Earthworks understands that water-related emergencies don’t happen at convenient moments and to fix those problems, the company offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services. The company responds quickly to minimize damage and ensure clients have access to their amenities.
“No matter what time of the day or night, our commitment to providing you with friendly, reliable service doesn’t change,” said Ben Farrell, owner of Precision Plumbing.

Dont wait another minute. Call Precision Plumbing Now on 0421 134 184

Red Crayon Marketing Strategies Amplifies and Enhances Client Messages

Red Crayon New Creative Studio - New HomeCreativity is the impetus for a unique marketing strategy, an area in which Red Crayon excels. Based in Melbourne, the agency’s professionals are experts at developing strategic marketing plans that increase visibility, build brands and communicate client messages through the use of multiple media platforms.

An extensive array of digital services are available that includes website design and development, e-commerce, email marketing and social media applications, along with 3D animation, architectural rendering and graphic design. Each strategy the agency provides is unique and tailored to the client’s specific audience.

The agency conducts in-depth research and guides clients through each stage of the marketing process, helping them identify their target market and build an advertising campaign that reflects their business, objectives and goals for focused results.

Marketing strategies don’t have to be complicated to be effective and the firm’s experts manage all aspects of client marketing requirements. The agency is experienced in presenting client messages through TV commercials, radio, and press releases for online and print media.

Red Crayon delivers effective and aesthetically pleasing marketing strategies and campaigns that showcase clients, their services and products to their target market with a clear and consistent message. Experienced in multiple media platforms, the agency delivers client messages to the right place at the right time for optimum exposure.

A marketing agency isn’t just an option for large corporations. Smaller businesses also benefit from a professionally designed marketing strategy and it’s a vital element in any company’s development and growth. Without a specific marketing strategy, it will be extremely difficult to attract new consumers or retain established customers.

Red Crayon creates and manages marketing strategies for its clients across multiple platforms, relieving them of the time consuming tasks associated with advertising their business. The firm works with entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profit organizations, allowing them to focus on operating their endeavors instead of trying to navigate the complicated process of researching and developing an advertising campaign.

Digital design is an essential part of modern marketing and Red Crayon has earned a reputation for eye-catching and effective digital advertising through the use of banners, website development and 3D architectural rendering that’s utilized across multiple avenues to establish brands. Digital design enables a host of opportunities that the agency utilizes to further client goals.

Located at Level 3, 132-136 Albert Road in South Melbourne, for more information call +61 (0)3 9533 2211or visit Red Crayon online. The agency maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.